UPDATE 5/13/2016

Hey friends, it's been a while.

A few quick items:

1) You can preorder your copy of Rad Families: A Celebration from PM Press, a fantastic radical Bay Area publishing house whose entire catalog is worth perusing. I'm honored to be included.

2) I have a finished manuscript, tentatively titled Marco Poems, a mini-chapbook with about fifteen pages worth of writing. The hope is to collaborate with some artist friends and self-publish something really beautiful that you can hold in your hands. If you'd like to contribute a giant (or even medium) bag of money to that end, I'll allow it. In the meantime I'm shopping it around to publishing houses, but that length is kind of weird, so we'll see. If you are a publishing house and you want to take a chance on this project, get in touch.

3) Some of you will remember that I'm a teacher. As the school year winds down, and summer looms, the time available for me to give to creative pursuits begins to increase somewhat, which is to say, watch this space for more art.